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Discover the secrets of the mysterious diamond world during our daily Diamond Polishing Show at 12.15hrs and 15.15hrs:
  • What is a carat ?
  • What does a rough diamond look like?
  • How strong is the hardest material on our planet ?
  • What are the various work processes which a rough diamond has to undergo to become a sparkling briljant ?
  • How do you become a diamond polisher ?

As numbers are limited, please be at the museum by 12.00hrs so as to be certain to get a seat.

The Diamond Polishing show is excellent value for money and is unique in the world. More than 250.000 people have attended the Diamond Polishing Show since the opening of Diamond Museum Brugge in 1999. This makes Diamond Museum Brugge one of the foremost educational establishments on diamonds in the world !