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The Diamond House Brugge is a sister company of The Diamond Museum Brugge, and is active in the polishing and manufacture of diamonds. It also designs and markets diamond jewellery from its two showrooms in Brugge, continuing a tradition of more than 600 years.

Showroom I is situated in a protected building, “The Sturgeon”, in the centre of Brugge, 50 m from the Market Square.
During the Middle Ages it was a trading house where ships could moor directly at the rear of the building.
The house, which was constructed in 1518 by the then Mayor of Brugge, Jan van den Rhyne, is an extraordinary example of a gothic facade in the typical Brugge style. It has a gilded sculpture of a sturgeon built into its facade.

Showroom II is situated in a historical building, ‘The Turnip Seed’, built in 1634 and situated adjacent to the Diamond Museum Brugge. It is only 100 m from the Beguinage.

The Diamond House Brugge is adhering to the traditional artisanal and professional standards of Belgium. It is among the largest exporters of quality diamond jewellery in Belgium.