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Diamantmuseum Brugge (Diamond Museum Brugge) was opened on June 19, 1999.

The museum has since been extended in several phases. In 2005, the Brazilian Collection and exhibitions on synthetic and industrial diamond opened.

Investigations in the city archives of Brugge, together with local historian Ludo Vandamme confirmed that diamond were traded in Brugge long before diamonds were heard of in Antwerp and Amsterdam, and a number of diamond polishers, active in Brugge in the 14th century, were identified.

A number of temporary exhibitions have been prepared in the mean time:
  • 2008: "A Sparkling History", the social history of diamond polishers in Brugge and West-Flanders.
  • 2009: "Di-Amour", the history of the diamond ring and diamond jewel

During 2010 the Diamond Institute Brugge will open it doors, offering ‘insider courses’ on the diamond world and its secrets.